•    The fall of the Soviet Union exacerbated a period of unrest and dissent on the island

     of Cuba. Hundreds of artists left the Island seeking a brighter future abroad

•    In the early 1990s my place of business, an advertising agency in New York City, became

     a destination for many of the Cuban artists relocating or visiting the city

•    This experience allowed me to form a most unique bond with many of these artists, a bond

     that is reminiscent of my own early years as an immigrant

•    I had the vision to start a collection of contemporary Cuban art and the inspiration to

     write a book

Book Background

•    The historical importance of the artists in this story  is unprecedented. Since World War II,

     there hasn’t been an exodus of artists from a single country with so much to say about art

•    Many of these artists became known in Cuba for the irreverent and defiant nature of their

     art. They are considered incredibly talented

•    The narrative of this book will share with the reader the journey of the Cuban artists

     who  left the island-why, when, how they came to America or other destinations, and how     

     the journey influenced their artistic vision

Relevance of the Story

•    The title:  “Artists in Purgatory” Cuban Artists in the Reynardus Collection

•    The book will be in English with a Spanish edition to follow

•    Artwork from artists will be featured

•    Some of the artists in this book have achieved wide recognition by international critics

     and subject experts. The work by the majority took place in the 1980s

•    A total of 72 artists are mentioned. Nine of the artists presented are women. The last

     count includes 34 paintings on canvas. The oldest painting is dated 1984 and the most

     recent 2011

•    12 pieces have themes based on Cuba. There are 6 artists who work on sculptures and

     ceramics and 6 photographers

•    Body art and conceptual artists are also well represented


•    The vast majority now lives in the USA. Initially 23 went to Mexico, 13 went to Spain,

     2 went to France, 1 lives in Argentina and 11 came directly to the US and 2 came to the

     US by way of Canada

Book Structure