During the 1990s, the fall of the Soviet Union exacerbated a period of unrest and dissent in Cuba which carried over to the artistic community. The generation of artists who became of age during the 1980s was especially impacted. Initially known for their incredible talent that garnered them wide recognition in Cuba, many were now labeled notorious for the contentious nature of their art. They were given permission to permanently leave Cuba. Hundreds of these artists left the island headed for an uncertain world.

I have been collecting contemporary Cuban art since the 1990s. It is an ongoing private compilation based on personal taste, inspired by relationships with the artists. Although not an exhaustive body of work as there are still many important Cuban artists who are not represented here, the collection thus far supports the story of Artists in Purgatory in a meaningful way.

The Cuban Art Alliance will continue to support these artists and will also open the door to future creative initiatives.


                              Jorge Reynardus                         

The long awaited book Artists in Purgatory has gone to print and we should have the book available in just a few weeks.

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