The long awaited book Artists in Purgatory has gone to print and we should have the book available in just a few weeks.

Our editor Aldo Menendez feels that this book fills an editorial gap regarding the analysis and story of an important chapter in Cuban art since the publication of Outside Cuba in 1987.

Artists in Purgatory narrates a period that starts after 1990 with the individual and collective exodus of hundreds of Cuban artists who left the island of Cuba to live abroad. While this is not the exclusive province of the generation of the 1980s, the story touches upon the protagonists from 1975 on and even past the 1990s.

The format consists of individual chapters by leading historians, critics, gallery principals, and academics. It starts with an introduction by William Kennedy, a Pulitzer prize winner, followed by my own personal statement and Aldo Menendez’ account of this unique story.

Artists in Purgatory also includes chapters by Ricardo Pau Llosa, Gerardo Mozquera, Nina Menocal, Janet Batet, Dennys Matos, and Silvia Pedraza. Dr. Pedraza, a sociologist from the University of Michigan, conducted in-depth interviews of a dozen artists.

In addition to more than seventy images of art in the Reynardus art collection, Artists in Purgatory includes hundreds of photographs never published of the artists and the events from the 1980s in Cuba and later.

To pre-order your copy follow the link on the left.