The Cuban Art Alliance (CAA) was founded in New York in 2011 and registered as a 501 (c) (3) corporation

CAA initial strategy includes the publication of a book titled Artists in Purgatory, the appointment of an Advisory Board to guide future efforts and a presentation to the media

The Cuban Art Alliance mission is to promote the work of Cuban artists living outside of Cuba

Aldo Menéndez

Aldo Menendez was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba in 1948. He is a multifaceted creator: painter, graphic designer, silk screen painter, art critic, curator and author of several art monographs. In this book he has worked as a coordinator, editor and also participated as a writer and visual artist.

Menéndez, in conjunction with the master Samuel Feijoo, is one of the driving forces behind the Performance movement in Cuba. He is also one of the pioneers of photorealism on the island, and in addition played a key role in the development of Latin American serigraphy art. He is the founder of the legendary Taller Portocarrero of Havana.

He is considered a veritable expert and a promoter of the arts. In 1972, five years after leaving the Cubanacan National Art School, he was incorporated into the permanent collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana. In the 1980s, he was part of the Plastic Arts Assessment Board and the assessment boards of the aforementioned National Museum and the Wifredo Lam Center.

In 1987, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Cuba awarded him the National Order of Cuban Culture. He left his country in 1990, moving to Spain and subsequently to the United States.

Jorge E. Reynardus

Jorge Reynardus was born in 1944 in Panama, to a Panamanian father and a Cuban mother. He was raised and educated in Cuba; fleeing the country in 1961 bound for the United States. He studied at the Harvard Business School and is considered a pioneer in the world of Hispanic advertising. In 1991, he founded a leading advertising agency in New York and today he stands prominently among collectors of Cuban art.

The idea for this book originated from his relationship with the artist Carlos Cárdenas and hopes it becomes an essential instrument for the promotion of Cuban art created outside of the island.

In 2012, Reynardus founded the non-profit Cuban Art Alliance with the intent to highlight these artistic creators and their works.

His collection is one of the most representative of the work of Cuban artists who immigrated after 1989, or of the post Perestroika generation.

The collection is a work in progress that continues to grow , enrich and nurture Cuban Art.  Because of the array of amazing artists that could not be included in this collection, a second volume may be necessary in the very near future.

Board of Directors

Advisory Board